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Woodside Log Cabins
at Tall Timber Lodge

In addition to our lakeside guest accommodations, we also offer a wide range of comfortably furnished one to four bedroom "Woodside" cabin rentals. While they may not be lakeside, they all offer their own charm and many of our guests enjoy their added privacy. Gas fireplaces, barbecue grills, fully equipped kitchens, VCRs/DVDs, stereos with CD players and Jacuzzis are among the available amenities.

On the Tall Timber property, we rent five cabins, and Aspen and its replica Evergreen each offer a combination of comfort and efficiency with their great rooms, double Jacuzzis and gas fireplaces.  For larger groups and families, recently upgraded Juniper and Poplar each have large living areas, gas fireplaces and lofts.

Off of the Tall Timber property, we also rent four houses, all within a short drive away from the Lodge. Cubs, Wildwood and Syd's Cabin are all perfect for smaller parties and Luk's Lakeview is better suited for groups with its three bedrooms, Jacuzzi and gas fireplace.

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Woodside Cabins

TTL Cabins
Off Site Cabins
Aspen - 1 BR
Evergreen - 1 BR

Chuck's - 2 BR

Juniper #10 - 3 BR
Poplar #11 - 3 BR
Syd's Cabin - 2 BR
Cubs - 2 BR
Wildwood - 2 BR

Luk's Lakeview - 3 BR
Timberdoodle - 3 BR
Hilltop - 3 BR



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